“Our passion for great architecture extends beyond the boundaries of style to capture the essence of place. Used wisely, architecture can be the tool the makes us aware of the special qualities of our surrounding environments.”

Michael Pattinson



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  • Bachelor of Architecture, Newcastle Upon Tyne University, UK

  • BA Architectural Studies, Newcastle Upon Tyne University, UK

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Professional Practice & Management, Newcastle Upon Tyne University, UK

Why did you become an architect? I knew from the age of twelve that I wanted to be an architect. I think I had a talent for art and recognized early that architecture could utilize creative skills and at the same time the results could change people’s lives. This combination of creativity and its practical application in built form and space is still something that fascinates me.

What excites you about the future of this profession? The almost universal adoption of BIM by the profession has ‘lowered the veil’ created in some part by conveying ideas and documentation methods in a 2D format. By working with 3D intelligent data driven BIM, the client, contractor and all of the stakeholders can be a greater part of the creative process. Anything that improves how we collaborate and produce better design I feel sure will be of immense value to the profession in the future.

What do you enjoy most about architecture and design? Seeing people use the spaces that were once just a thought in my head.

One piece of advice to those interested in getting into the profession? Become a part of the profession because you are truly passionate about architecture and you can’t imagine wanting to do anything else.

What is your favorite Place? Portpatrick on the west coast of Scotland